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Nadine Carcciolo

Lead Teacher & Founder

In 1986, Nadine founded The Children's Workshop, an arts-based holistic preschool program utilizing dramatic play, movement, and storytelling to educate and nurture children. She was influenced by English educator Dorothy Heathcote (Drama As A Learning Medium) and went on to create an educating style that is a unique blend of drama, movement, and science.


With over 30 years teaching experience, Nadine brings a wealth of knowledge, understanding, and compassion that shines through the children.


Staying true to her guiding principle, "Laughter Is The Best Teacher", Nadine uses puppetry, storytelling, drama, and yoga to teach children about the natural world and help them develop values (honesty, determination, love, consideration, justice Etc.). She creates a world of adventure and humor. Her original yoga routine incorporates traditional yoga with dance and music. 

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Talma Hargrave

Assistant Teacher

Talma joined our team in 2004 and continues to be adored by children and parents alike. Her calm, gentle teaching style nurtures children, resulting in increased developmental growth. 

As a graduate of The Art College Of Tel Aviv, an accomplished painter/sketcher and an elementary art teacher, Talma artistist knowledge and talent are an integral part of our arts-based curriculum. Whether we are creating giant squid paintings, planet dioramas or seasonal art projects, Talma passion for art shines thorough the children. She has inspired creativity and a love of art in many children.

Thomas Matysik

Assistant Teacher

Thomas has been a teacher with The Children's Workshop since moving to Seattle in 2021. He uses his background in performing and teaching improv comedy to nourish children's imaginations and empathy.

As a musician on guitar and piano, Thomas has helped children gain an appreciation for making music, whether by letting kids perform along or by providing a soundtrack for adventures within The Children's Workshop. Inspired by the work of Fred Rogers, Thomas deeply believes that silliness and sincerity are a perfect pairing for emotional and creative growth.

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