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Project-Based, Play Preschool

Music + Movement + Humor = HAPPY CHILDREN (learning)

And we're off! Rolling over the hills of Mars in our rovers....


At the Children's Workshop Preschool it all starts with play! Our dynamic, project-based approach uses movement (yoga and dance), the arts (drama, music, and visual arts), and cooperative play to lay the foundation for an unforgettable educational experience. 

If we're having fun, we're learning. Our explorations transport us to magical places that help the children understand the world and others.  

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Learning through drama,  music, movement, and visual arts engages children and stimulates their mind. Our curriculum seamlessly integrates math, literacy, and science through drama, music, and storytelling. Children develop social skills, manners, and values through free and focused cooperative play.

Teaching children in a creative and fun environment creates a strong foundation of self-confidence, problem-solving and verbal skills. Our goal is to teach children about the natural world and instill a love and respect for nature, compassion, and self-reliance. 

Threes Program

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In this relaxed class, children explore the wonders of nature through dramatic play, art, and movement. Children are introduced to letters and numbers in humorous and imaginative ways that develop a love of learning that will last a lifetime. The Threes adventure  begins  with  focused  and  free  dramatic play, movement, music, art, and science projects. We nurture children's imagination and creativity  through cooperative learning activities that develop listening, concentration, self-expression and motor skills.    

We incorporate themed (ocean, mammals, plants, seasons...) educational games, puppetry and dynamic activities that engage and teach children while they play. Our adventures are filled with explorations of letters, numbers, shapes, animals and social skills (sharing, communication, respect, empathy etc.).  We paint numbers, draw cephalopods, use our body to create shapes, learn rhythm, sing songs and much more…we never miss an opportunity to learn OR to have fun! By the end of the year, your child will grow in leaps and bounds - just in time for their next adventure...


3 Days / Week: Monday,  Wednesday,  Friday – 9:30 am - 1:30 pm: Tuition $750 monthly

5 Days / Week: Monday – Friday, 9:30 am - 1:30 pm: Tuition $1,100 monthly

Fours and Fives

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This class is an adventure that never stops...drama, music, storytelling, humor, art, puppetry and more. During our science explorations, we use dramatic play to teach children that learning is fun and limitless.  No two adventures are ever the same in the classroom and we prefer it that way!


With each theme, children create a book that includes art, poetry, writing exercises and facts about our theme. We learn letter combinations, sight words, and end the year reading and writing - just in time for their kindergarten adventure.


Circle time focuses on developing listening skills, empathy and mindfulness while sharing experiences, dreams, and ideas. During our daily yoga, we practice stillness, balance, and get our wiggles out - making their transition to a traditional kindergarten classroom more successful. Children complete this year confident, self-reliant and eager for many adventures to come. 


Curriculum Themes: Our Mysterious Ocean (submersibles and hydrothermal vents), Living on Mars, History of Birds (from Archaeopteryx to hummingbirds), Geology of the Earth (volcanoes to the Grand Canyon), Magnificent Trees and What they Give us....

5 Days / Week: Monday – Friday, 9:30 am - 1:30 pm: Tuition $1,100 monthly 

Parent Testimonials 


"The Children's Workshop is not just a school, it's a magical world governed by imagination and joy." 

Ali Yearsley 

"I am a teacher myself and I have sent all three of my children here. They tap into the imaginations of each child... When they learned about the solar system they used poetry, drama, music and art... the kids learned so much!"

Michelle Moody, Teacher


 Our DREAM team brings so much more than our extensive early childhood education experience...Teacher Nadine's experience as a writer/ performer combined with her LOVE for children create a classroom filled with magical adventures, creativity and laughter. Talma's calm and nurturing teaching style brings a beautiful balance to our team and the children. She inspires artistic creatively and teaches the children to express themselves through art.  


Nadine Carcciolo

Founder & Lead Teacher
30 yrs at The Children's Workshop

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Assistant Teacher
13 yrs at The Children's Workshop

Teaching Assistant 

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