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"All the children I know from The Children’s Workshop thrived socially and academically when they graduated into kindergarten and beyond..."

- Shannon Gooding, mother

"I have 2 girls and my second is now in her last year at The Children's Workshop. 3 wonderful, caring teachers with extensive backgrounds in drama, art and music and with passions for science, nature and play make this an experience like no other. From stillness in the morning, to story reenactments, daily journals and setting off into space with captain sparky, the children are constantly engaged. My youngest is so excited to go to school and my eldest still loves to visit, heck, I don't want to leave in the mornings! For a class of 17, which is a great ratio of 5/6 kids to 1 teacher, it is a calm but lively energy. Wonderful. When I first asked Nadine how she helped prepare her students for kindergarten, her response was; 'They go with the confidence of knowing who they are' Sold!"
-Amy Pratt, mother

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