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Fours & Pre-Kindergarten

This class is an adventure that never stops...drama, live music, storytelling, humor, art, puppetry and more. During our science explorations we use dramatic play to teach children that learning is fun and limitless. No two adventures are ever the same in the classroom and we prefer it that way!

With each theme, children create a book that includes art, poetry, writing exercises and facts about our theme. We learn letter combinations, sight words, and end the year reading and writing - just in time for their kindergarten adventure.

Circle time focuses on developing listening skills, empathy and mindfulness, while sharing experiences, dreams and ideas. During our daily yoga we practice stillness, balance, and get our wiggles out - making their transition to a traditional kindergarten classroom more successful. Children complete this year confident, self-reliant and eager for many adventures to come. 

Curriculum Themes: Our Mysterious Ocean (submersibles and hydrothermal vents), Living on Mars, History of Birds (from Archaeopteryx to humming birds), Geology of the Earth (volcanoes to the Grand Canyon), Magnificent Trees and What they Give us....

3 Days Per Week: Monday, Wednesday, Friday / 9:30am - 1:30pm (lunch days) / Tuition $560 monthly

Five Days Per Week: Monday, Wednesday, Friday / 9:30am - 1:30pm (lunch days)

​Tuesday, Thursday / 9:30am- 12:30pm (snack days) / Tuition $850 monthly

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